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January  2013 Volume 39 
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It's time to take control of your life and your income! It's up to you! If you want to avoid getting laid off ever again, it's time to start changing your life now!
The Focus: Staying Motivated When No One Else Is
What will it take to keep the momentum going despite all the bad news?
Taking it to the Streets!
Learn the techniques that will have you make more money working half as hard as you would in your previous job. 
Be Your Own Boss Program
I have designed a Master Mind program in which to help those who would like to explore the potential of starting their own business. Just email your interest.
Featured Business Opportunities
I have assembled a number of resources to help you identify and create a business that is suited for your personality as well as learned and innate skills.
Sales Skills Improvement
Even when you aren't actively a sales position, sales training improves your communication capabilities. Constantly improve your sales skills to improve your close ratio. Our classes teach personality recognition techniques which will reduce your sales cycle by as much as 50%. Generate more sales and increase your communication skills rapidly.
Street Smart SalesTM
Speaking to Promote Your Business
Even if you love cold calls, there is nothing proven to be more effective in consistently providing new clients than speaking. We teach where to speak and how to love speaking.
Writing to Gain Visibility
The power of the written word is tantamount to the most effective marketing campaign. Get published in business journals, trade magazines and establish your expertise by publishing your own book.
Your Right to WriteTM
Learn how to integrate the 7 Techniques
I invite you to attend our Elite Leads meetings as my guest to find out how you can make this the best year ever while meeting people who are able to introduce you to who you need to meet. 
Skills Evaluations
There are many resources designed to pinpoint your specific learned and innate skills. These evaluations will help you define what you do best and what you most enjoy
on Power Partners
Learn techniques on how to use specific industry resources to find job leads
"80% of success is showing up!" - Woody Allen

Featured Monthly
Business Opportunities
Did you know that 99% of all businesses in the US are entrepreneurs with fewer than 50 employees? Do you have an entrepreneur trapped inside?

Own Your Own Store
There is a multi billionaire giving away retail store rights. He pays for the inventory and overhead. You show up and share in the profit. (Dublin store owner Anthony said he made $12,000 his 2nd month! You can event introduce the store to others and make more each month! All products are ecology based and more affordable than other retail chains.

There are many resources throughout the Bay Area that will help you generate leads for jobs.

Business Events
Find out where the action is. Who has the money? Who is spending? Who is hiring? Remember, events are to gather contacts, don't attempt to sell at the events! Large trade shows at Moscone and the Silicon Valley venues will also be a great resource to keep you informed as to which companies are doing well.

Health Insurance
You can convert your health insurance to an affordable policy for as little as $260/mo with no pre-existing conditions disqualifies.

Learn more about BYOB
Visit Elite Leads Free
Other Job Help Groups
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