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It's time to take control of your life and your income! It's up to you! If you want to avoid getting laid off ever again, it's time to start changing your life now!
The Focus: Staying Motivated When No One Else Is
What will it take to keep the momentum going despite all the bad news? Have you noticed that bad news is contagious? It's up to you to decide how information, conversations and the news effects you. Do you choose to have a positive attitude? Did you know that you can choose who you spend time with and how to avoid those who are negative? Challenge yourself to find people and places where the attitude is about the solution, not the challenge. Job fairs might tell you who's hiring but, your job will more than likely come from a personal resource if you're like 90% of those being hired in this market.
Taking it to the Streets!
Learn the techniques that will have you make more money working half as hard as you would in your previous job. Only 3% of the jobs are listed in the newspapers. Most jobs are found through personal referrals. Do you keep in touch with those you've worked with in the past? Do you attend Chamber of commerce meetings or organizations where business has been "as usual" continuous, never missing a beat? Did you know there was $3.3 billion dollars funded for companies in the Bay Area in June?
Featured Business Opportunities:
Golf Lovers
If you enjoy golf, there's a great business you can do and earn more than six figures your first year. You'll be able to have access to the greatest golf courses around the Bay Area. For more information send an email and put Golf in the Subject line.
Arts Lovers
Imagine working with artist to help them sell more of their products all year around. This is a great business for those who enjoy working with creative individuals. For more information send an email and put Art  in the Subject line.
Event Planning
Are you great at organizing and enjoy bringing people together? If you're good at organizational development, this is a fun job that will generate income for non profits and organizations. For more information send an email and put Event Planning  in the Subject line.
You hear the stories about the real estate market, but you could show people how to build a home for $125 a square foot even in today's market. Helping people design and build their brand new home in a community that has great school district is very rewarding. For more information send an email and put Construction  in the Subject line.
Home and Business Services
Everyone has to have a home phone and a cell phone. Most people choose to have TV, a home Security system and Internet access. How would you like to show people how they can save 20-50% on their services? In this economic time when everyone is looking for ways to save money, this is a great resource. For more information send an email and put Services in the Subject line.
Non Profit 
There are a few resources for those who are interested in working within the non-profit arena. If you've ever thought of working with nonprofit there are many organizations that need your help as well as resources to have you making a highly respectable income. For more information send an email and put Non-Profit in the Subject line.
on Power Partners
Power Partners are your greatest source of referrals. Who knows who is hiring? Who knows who is getting funded? 
The more Power Partners you have the more likely you'll get the introduction for the job!
You will be able to build your own support community through these relationships. Be sure to make no less than five connections with each Power Partner to solidify the relationship.

Here's the list of Power Partners to help you identify who might help you make the connections you need to make.

Recommended Reading
Career Match by Ann Bidou
Do What Your Are by Paul Tieger
If You Could Do Anything by Barbara Sher
Live the Life You Love
by Barbara Sher
What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles
Wish Craft by Barbara Sher

Get your own website with your name. This is a great way to have people keep track of you and the easiest way to update your information. I use to get your URL and for hosting at $4 a month or $210/year for unlimited websites.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance does not have to break your bank! There are several policies that you can get without any pre-qualifying condition exclusions. 
Health Insurance
Althernative Health Insurance

Land Banking
This is a great way to increase your wealth and make up for your portfoio losses. I'll refer you to the experts

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