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It's time to take control of your life and your income! It's up to you! If you want to avoid getting laid off ever again, it's time to start changing your life now!
Monthly Featured Business:
Shopping for Profit
eCosway is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants a retail location for ecologically friendly products or wants to build a business through conventional  resources. The Asian company is debt free, offers to pay all the expenses for launching a store and shares 10-15% of the profit for the store operator. Just click on this link to find out more eCosway

Business Skills Development Programs:
Sales Skills Improvement
Even when you aren't actively a sales position, sales training improves your communication capabilities. Constantly improve your sales skills to improve your close ratio and ability to portray your concepts. Our classes teach personality recognition techniques which will reduce your sales cycle and communications difficulties by as much as 50%. You will learn to use Psyiognomy, facial recognition techniques which will give you an edge that are incomparable. Generate more sales in less time.
The series of six classes are held once each month in San Ramon and audio programs are available.
Street Smart SalesTM
For more information send an email Street Smart  in the Subject line.
Speaking to Promote Your Business
Even if you love cold calls, there is nothing proven to be more effective in consistently providing new clients than speaking. We teach where to speak and how to love speaking.
Whether you choose to speak in your community to promote a cause or to promote your business, you will find that professional speaking is rewarding and profitable. There is no other course that teaches the business of speaking in useable formats. 
The series of six classes are held once each month in San Ramon and audio programs are available.
For more information send an email SpeakEasy  in the Subject line.
Writing to Gain Visibility
The power of the written word is tantamount to the most effective marketing campaign imaginable. Get published in business journals, trade magazines and establish your expertise by publishing your own book. Everyone has a book within them. You will learn how to discover your book and have it published within six months.
A special program is available to show you how to replace your income through a complete book marketing program that includes radio interviews, joint ventures, membership sites and a multitude of techniques to promote your book.
The series of six classes are held once each month in San Ramon and audio programs are available.
Your Right to WriteTM
For more information send an email Your Right  in the Subject line.
Learn How to Integrate the 7 Techniques
I invite you to learn how to use the business community to find the right contacts and expand your connections to get the perfect job.
Whether it's for your job search or to help you start your own business, this is the most connected group of people you'll ever meet. I've included a free audio for your listening enjoyment.

Skills Evaluations
I'm sure you've done various aptitude tests, but have you ever completed a skills evaluation test? I took every aptitude test I could find and then found the Ball Aptitude Test which was the most accurate and definitive resource I've ever found. It takes about four hours on each of two days and the results take about two weeks to compile. You'll be amply rewarded by the discovery of what you are born to do with your life.
Ball Aptitude
DiSC®, the original research validated DiSC Personality Test behavioral assessment captures  strengths, provides clear guidance as to how to improve, and allows one to realize how others see them. An eye-opening experience, to say the least!
eJobCoach is based on the principle that anyone involved in a stressful, highly-goal-oriented task -- in this case, searching for and landing a job - needs assistance. 
Evaluate Job Skills
The Strong Interest Inventory is a widely used career planning instrument. The report you receive will enable you to discover your natural interests and chart a plan of action for achieving the most satisfying career possible. Your report will offer invaluable insight into careers that are ideally suited for your personality type. 
Strong Inventory
Entrepreneur Source
This resource will help you identify what business is suited to your personality and skills. They work with more than 200 resources and even have financing available.
Do not go to these meetings with your resume in hand, but to meet the HR consultant that can get you an interview if they're interested.
SF Business Times
There's more than 200 companies mentioned who are getting funding. It's a great way to find out who will be hiring. They also have the Book of Lists which reveals the top 100 business in every industry. This is a perfect resource for knowing who's doing well enough to hire.
SBIR Grants
There is $30 billion every year allocated for small business innovative research grants. The trick to being accepted is to have a professor from Stanford or UC Berkeley underwrite your grant. More than $3 billion goes unclaimed every year!
Would you like to know about a business that suits your personality and utilizes your skills? There are so many great business opportunities that you can start and earn $50-150,000 a year the first year.
Tell me more!

Contract work:
Are you aware of the online contract resources. You can get writing, graphics, programing and many other contact jobs. One of the most popular is elance.com.

Social Media:
I have become a big believer in Social Media the past year. Because I'm an author, I use Social Media to get interviews, develop Joint Ventures, Affiliate programs and build great reciprocal relationships.

Job Club Resources:
Are you using these resources?
CPC-Job Connections
Saturday 9 -12
222 W. El Pintado, Danville
Tuesday 10:30 - 1:30
2007 Stevens Creek Blvd
Thursdays 10:30 - 1:30
Saratoga Federated Church
20390 Park Pl, Saratoga
(408) 867-1000
Experience Unlimited
  9 - 12
  39155 Liberty St # B-200
  (510) 794-2452
  Tuesdays 9-12
  Temple Isaiah
  3800 Mt Diablo Blvd
  (925) 602-0166
  Thursday 9 - 12:30
  675 Hegenberger Rd 3rd Fl
  (510) 563-5310
San Francisco
  745 Franklin St
  (415) 771-1776
San Rafael
  120 N. Redwood. Drive
  (415) 507-2140
  Fridays 8:15 am
  420 South Pastoria Ave
  (408) 736-2391
  Mondays 8:30 - 11
  1100 California Street
Job Interconnect
 Saturdays 9 - 11
  East Valley Church
  2827 Flint Avenue 
  San Jose
  (408) 238-0231
Job Connection
  Fridays 9 - 12
  1888 Senter
  San Jose
  (408) 793-1213
  420 S. Pastoria Avenue
  (408) 774-2365
Friday 9 - 12 
2450 S. Bascom Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 369-3606

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