Being in the Right Place

While I had the travel agency, one of the best marketing ploys I participated in was to attend various leads groups. I was asked to operate several groups through chambers of commerces and even a couple of private groups.\

Then in 1991 a group of people asked me to start up a group, or rather we all asked five people to attend our new group and they appointed me to operate the group.  We decided to charge $10 a month. Just enough to cover the coffee and admin fees.

After I sold the travel agency and dissolved my partnership, it took less than a month for six other lead groups to request that I convert their groups to the same model I was operating in Walnut Creek.

I went from two groups to eight overnight and realized enough income to keep me afloat. The main challenge I had was overcoming my fear of calling people I didn’t know. I should have gotten over it with the travel agency but I had to really work on it.

I realized there was a true formula that was predicable. If I called 20 people, I would talk live to 10, 5 would be interested, two would show up and one would join. I charged $75 for six months, so I knew I had to make 660 dials a month, 115 a week, 23 calls a day to make $2,500 a month and that’s all I needed to take care of myself financially.

So, logic won over and I choose to make the 23 dials ever day or make up for them throughout the rest of the week.

But then I discovered a better method.

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  1. Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

  2. beyour says:

    you are more than welcome and I’m glad to be of help.

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