Church Program

About a year ago I had a call from a contact who wanted me to talk with his friend who had been working at UPS. He was a heavy equipment operator and a forklift fell on him. He’s had three back surgeries and will never be able to walk again. The disability check allows him to live in a 1 bedroom apartment in a city that has very low rent for the Bay Area and a very high crime rate.

Ironically he has written a book on heavy equipment safety. One of the many things I do is to help authors get published (, CIP) and generate enough money to live comfortably.

I decided to come up with a program that would help him. I developed a program where the minister of a church would select a family in need and the church would get a third of the proceeds, the family a third and the other third would be mine.

The program I designed is based on my book and it helps people discover what business they could do that would be perfect for their personality and it would provide the perfect amount of income for them as well.

Imagine having an entire congregation improve their income and have more money to tithe to the church.