Inspiring Others

I was speaking in San Francisco last week and one of my clients showed up at the event.

I met him about a year ago after he lost his job and he was struggling to figure out what he was going to do. The jobs he wanted were very competitive and he wasn’t having much luck in getting to the first interview.

I suggested he start his own business and fortunately he was receptive. First he wanted to do coaching, but he didn’t have any training or experience.

Then he decided to start a singles group. The cool thing is it is fairly easy to start a singles group using some of the new tools.

Not that Meetup is that new but having the system already set up to start a group where people have already been segmented into groups by what they are interested in makes it a whole lot easier.

First he decided to stand on Market Street and hand out flyers to his first event. Zero people showed up at his first event.

I had asked him to attend the other singles Meetup groups, so he finally did. Basically he’ll be able to create at least two speed dating groups each week and will be able earn more money than he ever did on his previous job.

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