Enjoying Your Work

I love speaking to groups of individuals who have lost their jobs. It might seem strange, but I can make more of an impact with an individual who is afraid they won’t be able to find a job. They are more open to try something new at this point.
In the Bay Area we have an average of 2,000 resumes submitted for every job available. How can anyone find a great job when there are fewer jobs and twice as much competition today than three years ago?
I always do a drawing to give away one of my products and to participate in the drawing each person has to give me their name, email address and what they would most like to do.
You wouldn’t imagine most people have never done what they would most like to do. Most of everyone works on a job their entire career they don’t enjoy, and in a study the IRS had done in the 90’s, they discovered only 1 in 8 adults enjoy the job they have.
Why would someone continue to work at a job they don’t enjoy and make just enough to barely get by? And when they get laid off, they have nothing to fall back on to get them through the time until they might find their next job.