Inspiring Entrepreneurship

I am meeting with a new client next week I met through his wife. They had moved out her from Cincinnati about 2 years ago for her new position. He managed to get a great job with a university, but was laid off earlier this year.
He has been sending out resumes for six months without any success. I asked his wife what he was interested in and after a few minutes of brainstorming, I asked if they enjoyed going to Aft & Wine Festivals. She said it was one of their favorite pastimes on the weekends.
I talked with him about two weeks later and pointed out all the challenges of working for someone else, which included the long commute, long hours, being pinned down to a desk every day, dealing with inner office politics, the cost of having a job and how it was nearly impossible to find a better job when you have a job.
He agreed there are many draw backs to having a job and that he enjoyed being around the Art Festival environment. I also asked him if he thought he could be disciplined enough to run his own business if he knew what he needed to do.
Of course he said yes.
So finally, three months later, we’re finally getting together to talk about he can create a business out of his interests and what he enjoys doing.

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