Changing Careers

I met with a client today who’s been a school teacher and is now working with kids at risk in an outdoor play camp. She is amazingly dedicated to kids and wants to make a difference in their education.
We originally met about a year ago and have been talking about her writing a book. The challenge has been she hasn’t felt connected with the book she wanted to write.
So today we talked about her working with me and my school for kids at risk. She began to smile from ear-to-era. She was so excited about the prospect of working in Belize and the prospect of creating a program for the kids.
By the time we were done planning what we would do next, she was in tears. It was exactly what she wanted to do, but had no idea how to even begin.
The difference between working a job in your field and working your passion is night and day.
I love being a part of making someone’s dreams come true. And what fun for me to work with someone who is so enthused and has so many ideas on how to implement programs for kids-at-risk.
So a new journey begins and we’ll see where it leads.