Job Versus Entrepreneurship

When I was speaking on Tuesday night I met a young woman who had lost her job and she is taking a class to find a new career.

I invited her to attend my Elite Leads meeting so she could meet other entrepreneurs, she got excited. I asked her to think about the kind of business she might start and she is very excited.

It is one of my most favorite things of all I do in business. I love to inspire others to challenge themselves to do something other than just getting another job and just get by the rest of their lives.

It is true being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but the growing number of entrepreneurs proves how we have to become more independent and creative in how we earn our income.

If the economy the last two years has taught us anything, its that we can’t count on a job to see us through. We have to learn to be more responsible for our own economic stability.

Being an entrepreneur takes focus and discipline. When you have those two traits, which can be acquired, all you need is a great support team to make sure you will thrive in doing something you love to do.

It is not acceptable to do something which will only allow you to just get by!