Where to Start

If you don’t know yet what type of business you’d like to do, look at the back of the book in the References section to see if something jumps out at you. If not, there is another way you might be able to determine the perfect business that you might find fun and interesting.

There are several skill evaluation profiles that you can generally find through the Small Business Administration office. They help you determine what your learned skills are and what skills you were born with. Sometimes you can figure it out on your own

If you were to get up on a Saturday or any day when you have no schedule, nowhere to go and no interruptions and you could do anything you want., what would you do?

How can you discover your passion? One method is to have someone ask you rapidly to respond to a list of words like: work, fun, income, favorite, easy, challenging, etc. You might discover the answer in the words you respond with.

Most often, however, it takes a more direct approach. At the top of a blank piece of paper write “Things I like to do”. Then write as fast as you can, without thinking about the words or judging what you end up writing.

You might find that your list consists of:

·     Be outside

·     Be with my family

·     Be with my friends

·     Laugh

·     Help people

This might seem like a very generic list, but let’s look closer at how we can use it to generate a business and an income with just this basic list.