Business Setup

Again, by contracting with a payroll firm you will be ensuring your compliance. Fortunately it is affordable to get a cell phone as a land line, and it’s certainly more convenient. You will be more accessible to your clients with a cell phone and save yourself a great deal of time by being able to respond when your clients call. It is so frustrating to play phone tag for a week, just to find out that you missed out on getting a job. Shop around to make sure that you’re getting a reasonable package, especially if you can get the inbound calls at no charge.

One of the copies of your Fictitious Business Name Filing is for you to give to your bank. You’ll want to open an account specifically for your business. Doing your taxes is much more logical when you keep your personal and business expenses separate. Choose a smaller local bank where you can develop a relationship with the business banking officer.

Business cards are a must, but the kind of business card will depend on the business that you have. If you are promoting quality, your cards should scream  quality. If your business touts a cost-saving service or product, then your card should not be embossed and shine with foil stamping (about $1 per card).