Business Considerations

The fact is, that everyone has to sell nearly every day. If you want to go out to dinner and your spouse wants to go to a movie, one of you has to sell the idea to the other. It’s the purist form of sales, merely presenting a better reason to do one thing over another.
Other areas to consider are your personal habits. Do you like to sleep in, stay up late, be around a lot of people, or do you prefer to work by yourself?
Why would you choose to earn your income from a business that requires you to be present at 8 in the morning, when you can’t seem to get to sleep before midnight every night? You don’t want to spend 25% of the total hours each year dragging yourself to work and being so exhausted that you can’t enjoy your family and friends or your free time.
Do you want to be inside or outside? Do you like everything to be routine or do you prefer to have challenges?

What would make you jump out of bed every day and keep you excited about what it is you do to earn your income? Think about this very carefully. If you’re reading this, you are at a pivotal time in your life that is perfect for making changes in your life. You can’t afford to wait six months or especially a year. Every day that passes is one day lost.