Advertising Specialties

Category Advertising Specialties $30,000 $60,000 Income
The range of income for the first year depends greatly on the type of clients you will obtain. For example, suppose you were to specialize in golf tournaments and you picked up four tournaments a month for the golf season (May through October in most areas). Each tournament would typically order 150 items ranging from $25 to $100, with a 35% per item profit. At $25 per item, your commission would be $1,240 and at $100 per item your commission would be $5,250. With four tournaments a month you could easily earn between $4,560 and $21,000.
Businesses use advertising specialties to keep their name in front of their prospects by imprinting their logo and their name on coffee cups, pens, key chains and so forth. Most businesses and non-profits exhibit at trade shows where they hand out items with their name imprinted on the items. These items range from ten cents to hundreds of dollars.
This type of business can be run from home and can be promoted through catalogs, so in the early stages you can present ideas to prospects without heavily investing in samples.