Advertising Specialties

Keep in mind that it is typical to talk with an average of 20 prospects in order to attain one client.
Clients will range from small businesses such as CPAs, bankers, telecommunications firms and any service that sells to others.
Larger businesses such as Fortune companies are a great target market for you because they have a bigger budget, but they are more challenging to acquire. Non-profits need to get the attention of funding resources and volunteers.
Another area is sports teams and events such as tournaments, including youth athletics that use a variety of give-a-ways.
Marketing Plan
The most rapid method of acquiring clients is to join several leads groups and attend trade shows and events where these companies and teams are likely to attend. In nearly every major city there are business trade shows. Here in the Bay Area there are more than 12 exhibitions locations.
It doesn’t matter what the event is, if you find they’ve already purchased an item for the current event what you need to do is come up with something more creative or for a more reasonable price. I am not suggesting you sell items for a lesser price just to get the business, but if the existing supplier is from a large company they’ll have a much higher overhead than you.
Look around you everywhere you go. You’ll start to see matchbooks, totes, calculators and a wide variety of items that have been imprinted.
To find more ideas look on the Internet under “Advertising Specialties”. You’ll see that this is an amazing resource for ideas.
Power Partners
Your Power Partners will be Event Planners, Printers, Graphic Designers, Sign Makers, Exhibit Display Rental and Manufacturers, Marketing and Public Relations firms.
The conversations you’ll have with these Power Partners should convey your willingness to include them in your referrals, as you become aware of companies that will be participating in trade shows, creating events and any type of new businesses.
It is important you meet with these Power Partners in person the first time, and then keep in touch with them weekly through email or by telephone conversations. You’ll even want to take them to lunch on a regular basis.
You will need to have a computer in order to create a database, a tracking system and invoices. Catalogs are provided free of charge from the vendors. You will also need to have reliable transportation.
Personality Type: Driver, Expressive

Total Start Up Costs: Less than $2,500

(includes business cards, website, phone and samples)