Bonding Certification

Here is a list of typical business services that you can start from home along with a guideline for anticipated income potential.
Think about the kind of people that you enjoy working around. Business Services require that your clients are professional business.
Category Bonding Certification
Accounting & Bookkeeping  $40,000 $100,000 Income
The range of income for the first year will be dependent on how many clients you are able to work with. Typically you will be able to establish a regular monthly rate for clients. The rates will be from $250 a month for simple entry level accounting to $3,000 for full charge business accounts.
You can work with any type and any size business. But you’ll have better responses from small (less than 50 employees) to medium size (from 50-150 employees) businesses. Companies that are growing have a more difficult time consistently staying on top of their accounting. They usually won’t have a full time person in accounting until they reach 100 employees.