Income $30,000 $45,000

The range of income for the first year will depend upon the contracts that you negotiate and whether or not you do all the assembly work yourself or hire others to do the work. Companies generally will pay you per item, so it’s easy for you to calculate your income based upon the contract.


If you are good with your hands but don’t enjoy selling products, this would be an easy business for you so that you can do what you enjoy, and avoid doing what you don’t. There are always manufacturers who are looking for individuals to assemble products. Some are made of wood. Other types of products will include dolls, toys, furniture and so on.


Your clients will be manufacturers of toys, furniture, display box, jewelry and manufacturers. You might also be able to find clients among the local crafters by attending craft shows.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is very basic. Locate companies that manufacture items that can be assembled away from their site. Most of the crafters magazines have ads requesting home workers, however, always get references before committing to them. Insist on talking first with individuals who are currently under contract with them.