Income $75,000       $150,000

The range of income for the first year will be dependent upon how many shows you participate in and how many retail locations you serve. You could also design a website and sell your products directly to people from all over the world.


One should have a knack for making crafts in order to make this a viable business. You could make a variety of necklaces with materials such as silver, crystal, clay, and glass beads, as well as recycled beads from old jewelry and charms. It will be easier if you stick to one or two sources however. The inventory you need to acquire will be too costly if you try using too many different materials.

If you have never made a necklace before, it is a good idea to attend several craft shows in order to find out what styles appeal to you. It will be easier to make necklaces that you yourself find attractive. Chances are if other crafters are making a particular type of jewelry, it sells. You might also want to take a class from an adult education center.

I was much more successful at selling to high-end women’s apparel stores than I was at craft shows. I was also successful at creating business relationships with women who sold women’s apparel independently.


Your clients will consist of upscale designer-type women’s clothing stores. You could also sell to beauty salons and if you choose to sell at craft fairs, you clients will be the walk by traffic.

Marketing Plan

If you decide to sell your products at craft shows it is important you find shows, which are rated highest for traffic and by the amounts spent by the traffic. When I started selling at craft shows, there weren’t nearly as many resources available as there are today. Choose wisely as the entry fees are rather expensive and you’ll need to make sure your traffic will yield a sufficient return.

Power Partners

Your Power Partners will consist of anyone who sells women’s apparel. This could include clothing, shoes, hats, and scarf accessories stores. You could also sell to beauty salons and spas.

The conversations with these Power Partners should indicate your willingness to include them as you become aware of clients who might need their services. It is important you meet with these Power Partners in person the first time, and then keep in touch with them weekly by email or by phone.


You will need to acquire a large supply of beads, tools and other materials with which to create a large enough inventory, so that you are able to support yourself. You will also need display cases and a means with which to transport your products.


I discovered several websites, which were very detailed in how to begin. Here are a few of the ones, which were the most helpful.

Acquiring a website name for $8.95/yr:

Web hosting:

Personality Type: Expressive, Amiable

Total Start Up Costs:            Less than $2,500

(includes business cards, tools, display units, a phone and advertising)