Printing Broker

Income $50,000 $150,000

The range of income for the first year will depend on the size of the clients you target. Print Brokers earn from 10 to 50% of the cost of the printing. Your advantage will be to know where to obtain each specific print job. Obviously longer more complicated print runs will yield a greater commission.


This is a competitive business. It would be best to find companies that are required to print volumes of materials and rely on their Office Manager or Purchasing Officer to arrange for print jobs. Typically they will use a local printer, someone who is convenient.

You will negotiate with printers that pay you a commission based on each job. The easiest means for you to develop a client base rapidly is to offer to do all the delivery at no charge. Most of the time the printers will do the delivery for you, but if not, you’ll be saving the client the time of running back and forth to the printers. To generate a new relationship with a prospective client you offer a discount on their previous invoices and the free delivery service.


Your clients will consist of Realtors, mortgage brokers, title companies, bankers and any other large commercial businesses that use forms, contracts, preprinted multi-part forms, as well as high quality brochures, business cards and other collateral materials.