Income $30,000 $60,000

The range of income for the first year will depend upon the bonus structure that you negotiate. For example, you could charge between $10-20 an hour. The lower the hourly rate, the higher you will be able to negotiate the bonuses. I pay telemarketers $10 an hour and a $50 bonus for each new client. The telemarketer averages $60 an hour and they typically work 20 hours a week to earn $60,000.

You could also expand your endeavors to the point of locating clients and managing other telemarketers and split the bonuses. This would give you an unlimited income and eliminate the need for you to make the calls yourself.


Most professional business owners find new clients through telemarketing. Most business owners have great intentions each month to call 200 prospects, but rarely manage 50 dials. They get busy with the details of running their business.

You could offer a customized program where a minimum number of calls are guaranteed and that would provide the client with a list of interested prospects on a daily or weekly basis. The bonus structure could be for appointments set or for actual closed business.


Your clients will consist of professionals such as CPAs, Bankers, Printers, Merchant Services, Caterers, Business Brokers, Insurance companies, as well as, just about any business-to-business service provider or product manufacturer.