Income $50,000 $150,000

The range of income for the first year will depend upon how much business you want to take on and how large the projects are. You might be able to stabilize your income by positioning yourself as a restorationist for larger projects.


Furniture Restoration includes everything from re-caning chairs, stripping paint and finishes off of furniture and re-manufacturing broken furniture parts.


Your clients will consist of upscale antique store owners, homeowners, restaurants and bed and breakfast inn owners.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan should be directed towards those who have an interest in antiques. You will find most people who are interested in antiques will know who all the others are. There are trade shows specifically targeted towards the market as well. These trade shows will serve as a specifically high visibility standpoint for you in which develop new clients.

Power Partners

Your Power Partners will consist of business owner else who also have an interest in antiques. They will consist of Realtors, antique store owners, contractors, interior decorators and stagers.

The conversations with these Power Partners should indicate your willingness to include them as you become aware of clients who need their services. It is important you meet with these Power Partners in person the first time, and then keep in touch with them weekly by email or by phone.


You will need to have developed a talent for working with wood, stains, as well as a knowledge of painting techniques and the ability to recognize specific types of woods so that you will be able to match replacement pieces for restorations.


Here are a number of resources I have come across:


Personality Type: Analytical, Amiable

Total Start Up Costs:            Less than $15,000

(includes business cards, tools, phone, materials, and marketing