Income $100,000       $200,000

The range of income for the first year should be around $100,000. The key to achieving a higher income range is to develop a resource of clients who are located in upscale new neighborhoods.


Landscaping is a rewarding and lucrative business. Typically new homeowners don’t know where to begin and need advice from someone who has the expertise in designing yards. Depending upon the area in which you are located, you might want to specialize in landscaping that requires little care and minimum watering. Landscaping improves the aesthetics of the home, as well as improving the look of the entire neighborhood.


Your clients will consist of new and existing homeowners, apartment managers, commercial property managers as well as business owners who also own their own buildings. Especially if they require heavy foot traffic in order to support their business.

Marketing Plan

Most jobs can usually be acquired by placing an ad in the paper, and by leaving your cards at local gardening stores, at plant nurseries and especially with Realtors.

Power Partners

Your Power Partners will consist of residential Realtors, handymen, general contractors, and house painters as well as anyone working in home improvement businesses.

The conversations with these Power Partners should indicate your willingness to include them as you become aware of clients who need their services. It is important you meet with these Power Partners in person the first time, and then keep in touch with them weekly by email or by phone.


You will need an accreditation from an accredited landscaping course or educational course.


Here are a number of resources I have come across:

Personality Type: Expressive, Amiable

Total Start Up Costs:            Less than $5,000

(includes business cards, samples, a phone, and a portfolio)