Making handmade crafts can be a pleasurable and financially rewarding business. I operated a craft business of my own for seven years and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The life-style is appealing since that you are able to spend most of your time working from home and a minimal amount of time outside of the home doing sales. Today it is even more convenient to sell over the Internet, which also makes it a more cost effective business.

What I discovered while I was involved with the business, is that it is best to specialize in specific crafts or items that you can design assembly line style thereby minimizing the type and amount of supplies which will be required.

You may decide to sell in person at craft fairs as well as on the Internet through craft stores or on eBay. The more resources you develop the more products you will be able to sell. I personally prefer selling online since you don’t have to be present to continue to sell it and it frees up your time to enjoy more of the fun things you enjoy.