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New book: turn your joblessness and career frustration into your own business and finally control your income Sharyn’s book, “Be Your Own Boss Guide,” details the methods she has used with her clients over nearly 20 years. She herself, faced being downsized in 1985 after committing nine years to a Fortune 500 firm. After spending a couple of years feeling lost and dejected, she began to counsel others on how they could create the most ideal business based on their personalities and income requirements.Now she applies the lessons she’s learned toward helping others who feel lost, helpless, or emotionally distraught from not having a job or working at a job that is going nowhere or barely taking care of them financially..San Ramon, CA – Sharyn Abbott is no stranger to challenges.  She stumbled from one industry to another searching for what she could do with a lasting enthusiasm rather than the drudgery she felt when working for employers who showed no appreciation for her hard work.

In 1991 Ms. Abbott began speaking to groups of those downsized as a way of giving back to the community and discovered her passion. She thoroughly enjoyed helping others discover their passions and watch them reap the rewards for their hard work and dedication.

“Be Your Own Boss Guide” is the results of Sharyn’s speaking at a group in San Jose. On her hour drive back after completing her engagement she began to think of the impossible odds of those downsized who were trying to compete an average of 2,000 resumes submitted for each job. It seemed impossibly glum.

“I can show these people how to discover what they would do well with in a business based on their personality and learned skills,” Sharyn later told the organizer of the event. “I believe that if more people were aware that they are the ones in control of their lives, they could have more fulfilled lives.”

Attitude, Sharyn explained, is the key to achieving life-long happiness.  The author stresses that anyone who feels stuck in their job or struggling to find a job, can change their outlook and thus change their life by adjusting their attitude, and making changes, one at a time.

“Everyone has this magnificent within them that’s often dormant.  You either rise up and live your life or continue doing what you’re doing.  It’s my hope that this book will give readers the inspiration they need to make the changes they want starting today, and to let them know that they can indeed make those changes.”

“Be Your Own Boss Guide” will be available for purchase beginning February 15, 2009, at

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