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United States of America (Press Release) December 23, 2008 — Going from taking orders from someone
else, to being your own boss can be a great achievement, but staying focused and motivated can be a real
challenge. To keep focused and motivated when starting a home business, you must become your own boss in pushing yourself to success. Keeping yourself on a schedule, taking account for every cent, and separating
home from business, can help you reach these goals.

Staying up late into the night and sleeping in till noon on a weekday may be standard for the grave-night shift,
but when you’re starting your own home business a structured schedule is everything. Set your alarm clock to
go off one hour before your work day begins, just as if you had to leave home to go into work. Get up, get
showered, and get dressed! Put in a regular eight hours or so, without the interruptions of the television, your
land line, or cell phone. Don’t be your own worse boss, scribble in a regular time for lunch and two fifteen
minute breaks. Putting yourself on a schedule and making yourself responsible for time, can make all the
difference in the success of your own home business.

Taking account for every cent coming in and going out, is also important in securing a flourishing home
business. If you took out a business loan to get your business going, then budget and use your loan wisely.
Don’t mix your personal income with your business income and vice versa. Keeping your business account
separate from your personal account gives your business the ability to thrive. Put yourself on a business
budget. This will keep you responsible and on target for your future business goals. If you business falls short
in one area, then shuffle around the numbers until it works. Taking account for every cent will keep you
finanacially responsible for your business achievements.

Keeping work separate from home is easier said then done, when you “work” at home. But, it is not
impossible. Turn that extra room into a home office with all your necessary business amenities in place. This
business atmosphere will keep you both focused and motivated, alleviating the distractions of watching
television or temptations of doing the laundry. And if you are a stay at home business mom or dad, don’t forget to put a little play area into the blueprints of your office.

Who says you can’t work at home and be your own motivated boss? Keeping on schedule, taking account for every cent, and separating home from business will pave the way to a successful home business. They say
home is where the heart is, and if the heart’s at home, why not put a little of that heart into a business that will
give you more time to spend with your loved ones and financial freedom.

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